Sunday, September 26, 2010

Unsteady Pencil

We keep searching o4 our soul , trying so hard to not let iht go , finding word of light .& caves of darkness .finding words of might for slaves of heartships .ihts hard to look baqk when yhu lost yhur hind sight , ihts hard too look ahead when yhur hiking ihn night light . when the times right , yhur fear will become your inspiration , when yhur mind fights yhur tears will become yhur seperation . For ihf an angel can not cry , and or die , then how can an angel be an angel ihf iht takes death to fly . Our mind body .& soul create a triangle that tri-angels the square deads ihn circus circles . We go searching for peace , trying so hard to slay our inter beast , ! Our needing ihs what gets ihn the way of our wanting , our choosings ihs what takes us away from our hauntings , and my soul chose to be on stage during gods act . Buht my ego ihs trying to say that ihts a breach of contract . So i rock that craddle till the child falls asleep , so that all the autumn leaves that wash the street , never become obsolete or pause the beat .& skip one beat when yhur heart stops . Yhull never hear the silence ihf yhur living ihn the click clock tik tok , a bracelet of light , replaced my wrist watch . So when i looked down for the time , i remembered that iht stopped . Where are yhu right now .? Who are yhu right now .? What has become of yhu , have yhu done what people have expected yhu too do ., .& whats convienient for yhur life . Have yhu placed inverted headphones ihn yhur skull , too block out yhur inervoice . Have yhu followed yhu heart . Or has yhur heart followed yhu , being dragged by the chains of yhur brain , patiently waiting for yhu to grab the untouched key from gods fingertips .& place iht ihn yhur third eye . Yhu ate a creation of love , a manifestation of a dream . And who am i , i am not a poet sitting ihn my room , i am not the words coming out of yhur cage . Who am i .! A stranger , a friend , a beginning too yhur end .& like traveling poets , am i a homeless man , am i looking for something to do .!! NO !!! I am jhuss a reflektion ohf yhu , so when yhu clap , clap o4 yhurself ,. When yhu make judgements of others , think , yhur only judging yhurself . When yhu stand still ihn life , yhur only running from death ,. So live , live like everyone .& anything yhu dreamed . Dream like there ihs no such thing to dream . Yhu think that this ihs a movie , well ihts jhust a preview . Jhuss always remember that yhu made me ihn the image of yhurself . :)
Sept 25 , 2010 
Finished aht 1:43 pm
By : Bryonna Carson .

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